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What are the desirable parts of a woman?

How do we protect ourselves?

Reading about the number of rape cases increasing on a daily bases made me wonder about how unsafe it is for women out there. We keep on hurting ourself in order to protect us from what is out there. I wanted to show the contract and the different reactions of people when they see something that they wouldn't want to touch put on some thing they desperately desire. 

Sculpture: Riya Bhardwaj

Model: Riya Bhardwaj

Photographer: Emily Nguyen 

Styling: Erin


The safest place for a person before they enter this world, a place that they’ll never return to and a feeling that they’ll never remember. A feeling of being comfortable and of being safe. A bed almost becomes a womb for a grown up. Through this project I tried to recreate the sense of comfort and something you can call into when you’re tired and just need to sleep and feel comfortable in almost having to recreate the feeling of being in a womb. The existence of this object shows the absence of something in a persons life. 


Inspired by Clarina Bezzola and her concept of “ The fear of relaxation and blending into the environment” 

Sometimes all a person does is think too much and spend most of their time observing others. Too often during this process a person tends to loose themselves. This leads to them eventually being really stressed to a point where they stop caring about everything around them in order to achieve the feeling of “relaxation. This constant feeling of trying to let go and being stress free makes a person loose their identity and the person soon becomes its environment, I.e, blend in it. Spending so much time in one place especially during covid and quarantining the person molds into the things that surround them.


Experiment with adding hair to different surfaces to see how people react to it.


Resin on marble and tamarind seeds. 


Made completely out of Jello and Gummy, this project interprets the practice of cannibalism. 

This was a research based project which lead me from its origin, religious practices to modern day cannibalism practices. The one thought that lead to the project was "what if only what we could consume was human flesh under an unfortunate circumstance, leading to my choice of the material chosen. My motive was to make an interactive installation which could actually lead people to the action of cannibalism and get their hands dirty as they dig through my piece.


3 wool strands tired together creates a piece, each for 7 days of the week. In this project I tried to record how many times I talk to a person in a day and for what amount of time for an entire week. Each knot represents the number of times I talked to that person (68 times) and each time I wrapped the thread around the wool represents the minutes I spent talking to the person( 1509 mins/25.15 hours) during a week. 


Inspired by the 3 Hindu festivals,"Diwali", "Holi"and "Dussehra" all three of   which means LIGHT OVER DARKNESS. This piece was inspired by Raavan,  the king of Lanka  and how he was evil but was in the end defeated by the     good, thus the ten faces. Each of the ten faces beginning from the black       have eventually more distinct features moving towards the white showing       the formation of a true to self person as pulled out from the dark into the       right path.  

Untitled_Artwork 3.png
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